WILLIAMSBURG FTTH Project – Fiber Drop Installation Sign-up Confirmation

Thank you for signing up to have a drop installed to your home or business and providing contact information so we can reach you. A representative from WCTA or one of our contractors will be reaching out to you soon to schedule a time to meet with you at your property to have you sign a permission slip and to discuss where you would like the drop to be placed on the side of your house or business. At the same time, they will also discuss any obstructions you may have in your yard like septic systems, private power lines, private gas lines, underground dog fences, drainage tiles, etc. to ensure nothing gets damaged while installing your drop.

If you are not available when we contact, you a prompt reply or call back from you to schedule a time to meet would be greatly appreciated. We are working hard to complete this process as quickly as possible so we can keep this project on schedule.

This Fiber Drop Permission Form is only to allow WCTA access to install a fiber drop on your property. This is not an application for service. When service becomes available, we will notify you by sending another postcard to you in the mail.

If you have any immediate questions, please call our office at 319-646-6075 or send us an email at info@wellmantelephone.com.

We look forward to providing you Fast Fiber Internet Services soon.

WCTA Staff


Thank you
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