Broadband Internet Access in the Holbrook Area

Download SpeedPriceDescription
10x10 Mbps$67.95Perfect for watching movies online or for homes with multiple devices.
20x20 Mbps$87.95A powerful connections for businesses and serious gamers. Great for homes that want to stream HD video on multiple devices at the same time.
30x30 Mbps$97.95
40x40 Mbps$107.95This speed is ideal for telecommuting and using cloud-type services. Also best choice for a household where everyone is
on-line, all the time.
50x50 Mbps$117.95
60x60 Mbps$127.95

SecureIT Plus

If your time is valuable, or  you are not a computer security expert, SecureIT Plus is the service for you. It features the following services:

  • Fully automated protection and removal of viruses, spyware, and adware
  • Automated installation of tested Microsoft patches
  • Firewall protection for your PC
  • Monthly e-mail reporting
  • Free technical support
  • Guaranteed protection
  • Professional installation available

ServiceMonthly Price
SecureIT Primary Computer$5.95
SecureIT Secondary Computer(s)$4.95
Online Back-up - 5 gb of data$3.95
Online Back-up - 50 gb of data$5.95
Password Genie$1.95

Additional Benefits

Free e-mail services

  • 5 Total Email Accounts / 50MB Each!
  • IMAP, POP3, or Webmail Access
  • Virus Filtering by McAfee
  • Spam Filter


Website hosting

  • 20MB for Your Website
  • Ad free!
  • CGI Scripting, Javascript, PHP, Perl
  • Call for details!

Holbrook Internet

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Technical support contact information
For Internet tech support, 24 hour help is available by calling 1-800-205-1110.

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