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Wellman Cooperative Telephone Association offers local phone service with unmatched reliability, great call quality, and unlimited local calling.

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Long Distance Phone Service

You can now receive your long-distance service from Wellman Cooperative Telephone Association for as low as 2.4¢ a minute! No more gimmicks or monthly fees! Just quality customer service and cutting edge technology. And you will receive one monthly statement from Wellman Cooperative Telephone. Select from one of our options below:


Pay just 14¢ a minute 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
100 Minute Plan$5.00/month**
(5¢ a minute)
250 Minute Plan$9.25/month**
(3.7¢ a minute)
500 Minute Plan$13.25/month**
(2.7¢ a minute)
1000 Minute Plan$23.45/month**
(2.4¢ a minute)
Extended Area Calling Plan to South Slope
Includes Amana, Ely, Fairfax, Newhall, North Liberty and Norway
$2.00 per month

Long Distance Options:

**Excludes International, Hawaii and Alaska. 6¢/minute overage charges apply.

Available Calling Features



Monthly Price
900 Toll Call BlockingBlocks all calls starting with 1-900-XXX-XXXX.Free
Automatic RecallEnables a customer to receive a voice message identifying date, time and number of the last incoming call. This service also enables the customer to automatically redial the last incoming number by dialing a one=digit code.$.50
Call ForwardingPermits a customer to transfer all incoming calls to another dialable telephone number. The customer pre-selects a second telephone number to which all incoming calls are automatically transferred.$.50
Call Forwarding (Busy Line)Allows customer to have incoming calls forwarded to another predetermined number, if the called number is busy.$.50
Call Forwarding (Remote)A service provided in lieu of an individual line whereby a call placed to a customer's telephone number on one central office is automatically forwarded by Company central office equipment to another customer designated line.$1.00
Caller ID on Call WaitingAllows Caller ID subscribers with Call Waiting to identify a calling party when they are already on a call. The calling party will be displayed, giving the option to terminate the present call, place the call on hold and answer the incoming call, let the incoming call go to voice mail, or finish your call and return the call using the Caller ID information.$1.00
Caller ID Name/NumberIdentifies the number and name of the calling party, after the first ringing cycle. This information is displayed on customers provided equipment (Caller ID Phone / Caller ID Box).$4.00 (name)
$2.00 (number)
Call WaitingBy means of a tone signal a customer who is using his telephone is alerted when another caller is trying to reach that number. This permits putting the first call on hold so that a second call can be answered.$.50
Distinctive RingProvides different ringing tones using one individual access line. Two types of distinctive ringing are available. A. Service without directory listing. B. Service with directory listing.$1.00 (residential)
$2.00 (business)`
Extra ListingLists your name or business in another area of the phone directory using a different name and the same phone number.$.50
Non-Published NumberName and telephone number will not be published in the telephone directory or given out by directory assistance.$1.00
Speed DialEnables a customer to place calls to other telephone numbers by dialing a one, two, or four-digit code rather than a complete telephone number. Customers may subscribe to either 8-code dialing or 30 code dialing.$.50
(Eight code dialing)
(30 code dialing)
Telemarketing BlockAllows subscriber to block most telemarketing calls. *78 to activate and *79 to deactivate.Free
Telemarketing Block (Enhanced)Adds the number to your list.$2.00
Three way callingEnable a customer to reject call attempts from up to 6 numbers of calling parties. Any call attempts to the customer from these numbers will be prevented from terminating to the customer.$.50
Toll ControlBlocks all long distance calls (1-XXX-XXX-XXXX).Free
Toll Control with PIN$1.00
Unlisted NumberName and telephone number will not be published in the telephone directory but will be given out by directory assistance.$1.00
Voice MailAllows a customer to receive, send, store, and retrieve voice messages from any phone, without the use of an answering machine.$2.00

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*All prices are per month and regulated charges may change without notice. Dial tone service includes unlimited local calling. Long distance service requires additional fees.

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