Sign up for a fiber drop now!!!

WCTA is happy to announce that our fiber drop sign-up period is now open. We received a recent update that our contractor hopes to start on our fiber installation in late September – early October. All customers in the fiber project area will receive a post card in the mail at the beginning of July requesting you to sign-up for a fiber drop to your property. Whether you plan to take services with us right away or think you may want services from us in the future, NOW is the only time you will be able to sign up to have us bring a fiber drop to your home or business at no cost to you.

Important details about the fiber drop sign-up:

  • While we are in the construction phase of our project, NOW is the only time you will be able to sign up to have us bring a fiber drop to your home or business at no cost to you.
  • If you do not sign up now while our contractors are working in the area and request a drop in the future, there will be a charge for us to bring a fiber drop to your home at a later date.
  • Signing up to install a fiber drop does not lock you into any commitment to take our service but it will make it cheaper for you and easier for us to quickly provide services to your home in the future.

Take advantage of this opportunity now and go to to sign up to have a fiber drop installed to your home or business today. If you have questions, please contact us at 319.646.6075.

Beginning in late July, WCTA will have fiber technicians from Clanton Creek Connections coming around door to door to have you sign a permission slip and to discuss where you would like the drop to be placed on the side of your home or business. At the same time, they will also discuss any obstructions you may have in your yard like septic systems, private power lines, private gas lines, underground dog fences, drainage tiles, etc. to ensure nothing gets damaged while installing your drop. Once they have discussed all of these items with you and everyone agrees on the location, they will go ahead and mount a fiber enclosure to the side of your home identifying to the drop crews where the fiber drop needs to be installed to when they roll into town.

We encourage you to complete your Drop Sign-up request ASAP and ask that when you receive communications from our consultants or staff to meet with you, please help us by responding back in a timely matter. We need everyone’s cooperation to get through these processes quickly to keep the project moving along efficiently and on-time.

We are still projecting it will be springtime of 2025 before we will be able to start installing services in your area. Hang in there, we are working to be able to provide you with the service you deserve as soon as we can!

For additional information regarding this project, please click on the links above for more details. We will do our best to provide periodic updates as they become available.

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